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Stricker credits charter flight for three consecutive wins

Steve Stricker
Getty Images

SILVIS, Ill. – What’s the largest factor leading to Steve Stricker’s three consecutive John Deere Classic titles?

The private charter flight that takes players to the British Open following play on Sunday night.

After taking a two-year break from the John Deere Classic, Stricker entered again in ’09, a year after the tournament set up the charter flight. Stricker had stopped playing so he could get to the British Open earlier to prepare.

“That charter has made a big difference,” Stricker said. “It’s actually worked out perfect.

“You give up a little bit on the rest part, getting there late. We don’t get there until midday on Monday, but you still get enough rest. It’s a great way to get there. It’s one flight, direct over there.”

The entire Boeing 767 airplane used for the charter, which seats 100 passengers, is considered first-class ticketing.

Twenty-four players are scheduled to make the flight to the British Open on Sunday night.